Ways to Make your Home Hygge this Winter


If you want to add a sense of warmness and health into your home, consider adding a bit of hygge to your home. The word hygge is a Norwegian word for wellness. Hygge is the practice of making your home more comfortable and happy. Not only can this make you happier, it’s great for your mental health as well. Below are several ways you can make your home hygge this winter.

If you don’t have beautiful lighting that can be dimmed, invest in dimmer lights. Creating a cozy feel with dimmer lights can help you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. Also, consider adding a couple of Himalayan salt lamps for comfort. They will not only clean the air in your home, but will help you to relax as well. Other lighting choices you can include would be using indoor string lights that are on a dimmer and candles.

Getting Cozy
Add a bunch of cozy items to your home like extra pillows, heated blankets, and throws to help you relax and rewind. As soon as you are home, consider slipping into Lazypants, the world’s most comfortable pants made of a super soft breathable fleece. Since matching sets are trending, pair the Nikki original sweatpants or joggers with a Denver Zip hoodie and enjoy lounging at home.

Simplify your Home
Look into decluttering your home. Having an overly cluttered home is bad for your overall health, including your mental health. When your home is clean, you will have a better feel about your home. It will look better and help you relax when you are home.

Changing bath time
It is imperative to change your bath routine. Go completely hygge with your bath routine during the winter. Make sure you take the time for long baths that include things like having candles around the tub, using bath bombs or candles, and listening to some music. If you want to take it further, install a towel warmer in your bathroom so that you can enjoy the warmth of a fresh towel after your bath.

Adding natural elements to your home
If you want to go hygge with your home, consider adding some natural elements. Choose indoor plants that are easy to care for to filter the air. If all else fails, bring some fake plants home into your home if you have seasonal allergies.

One of the most important things you can do to go fully hygge for the winter is to try to unplug from technology in your home. This means no internet, no phone, and no television. Try picking up a new hobby like knitting, or sit down with a good book.

With just a little effort you can create the hygge feel right in your home. This will help you to wind down after work and will help you to have better mental health. Consider adding some of these hygge elements to your home today.


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