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LA Rock Queen, Tish Ciravolo, founded Daisy Rock Guitars in 2000. Almost 20 years later, women are driving more than 50 percent of guitar sales. Taylor Swift, one of the highest paid women in music, as well as other female guitarists, are inspiring fans to pick up a guitar and follow in their footsteps. Daisy Rock Guitars are specifically designed for females with a slim neck profile, lightweight build, and custom contoured shape. Daisy Rock Guitars recently launched a ukulele line, inspired by Ciravolo’s mom that lives in Hawaii and plays guitar. Tish gave Living Local an exclusive interview and shared her vision for her newest collection.

What inspired you to create a ukuleles collection? Both my mother and sister live in Hawaii and my mother plays a ukulele so, of course I created a line of ukuleles. So many new peeps are picking up the uke and I love the names and colors that we came up with in the Daisy Rock Guitars line.

Will Grace VanderWaal being using any of Daisy Rock’s ukuleles in any of her performances? Grace is amazing! I believe she’s already endorsed.

What inspired the designs for Punk Pink, Pink Blossom and Mother Earth ukuleles? Everything Daisy Rock Guitars does is fun! The pink blossom with the super cute white swirl looks great in any girls bedroom, The Punk Pink fits into any rehearsal/gigging space and Mother Earth model fits everywhere.

What’s the best way to empower females in music? The best example is a girl seeing another girl play. I watched Suzi Quatro on Happy Days play a bass guitar and my life changed forever.

Will there be a Daisy Rock stage at Warped Tour this year? Sure hope so!

The pink sparkle guitar is gorgeous, which artists have been seen with it so far? Since Daisy Rock Guitars is The Queen of Pink Sparkle, so many lovely and talented girls and women love their pink sparkle guitars. Check out our artist page at and see peeps from The Bangles to Wanda Jackson owning their own slice of sparkle!

What’s next for Daisy Rock Girl Guitars? We started with the idea of getting more girls to want to play guitar and our mission statement states, we are doing whatever it takes to get more girls to learn how to play guitar, that is what we do every hour of every day.

Grab and uke, start strumming, and join the girl guitar revolution!


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