Tips for Buying Jewelry for Valentine’s Day


If you have a Valentine, you probably feel pressured to find the perfect gift. Jewelry is a sure way to make your sweetheart feel special. Here are some key tips to help you make this special purchase.

Know Your Valentine’s Style

Keep in mind your Valentine’s unique style, when shopping for jewelry.

  • Observe and know what he/she looks for in jewelry
  • Take note of what he/she currently wears
  • Listen for comments about pieces that he/she wants
  • Notice reactions to jewelry he/she sees on others and in advertisements
  • Talk to your significant other’s friends and family to see if he/she has mentioned anything

Learn the Latest Trends

Educate yourself on the hottest jewelry trends. Tune into commercials, flip through magazines, and scan ads on social media. Browse online, but make purchases in person so you know exactly what you are getting.

Do Your Research

Once you know your Valentine’s style and the current trends, it’s time to research individual pieces.

How to make the perfect purchase

  • Don’t buy the first thing you see
  • Ask questions about the source of the metal and stones
  • Be wary of vendors who try to pressure you into spontaneous purchases
  • Compare to see which retailers offer the same or similar products at better prices or higher quality
  • Read customer reviews about the product, the store, and the designer

Stick to Your Budget and Negotiate
Don’t break the bank finding jewelry for your Valentine. Jewelers have a large supply in preparation for the holiday demand, which means they are focused on sealing a deal.

How to avoid overspending and falling in a sales trap

  • Decide on your budget and stick to it.
  • Avoid sale items; this is a way of getting rid of low quality and outdated merchandise.
  • Negotiate. When you find a piece you want to buy, find an imperfection so you can bargain. Say that there are other pieces at other stores that you are interested in at lower prices. Utilize this technique: offer a price lower than you are actually willing to pay. Then, offer a price you are actually willing to pay. This will seem like a much better sell compared to your initial offer.

Know the Return and Refund Policy
No matter how much research you do, or how great of a selection, there is always a chance that your gift might not be the right fit for your Valentine. Sometimes it’s because of style or it might break immediately. Know the vender’s return and refund policy before purchasing. Avoid sale-priced items since they are often final sale. With jewelry, you might be offered store credit rather than cash refund. Make sure there are other things at that store your Valentine would enjoy. Know the time frame for refunds or returns and the reasons you are permitted to return an item. Sometimes, stores will only honor returns for damages, not for dissatisfaction.


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