The South Fork Commuter Connection Makes Travel Easy on LI


Long Island always inundated with traffic, especially during peak rush hours. The Town of Southampton created The South Fork Commuter Connection, a coordinated rail and bus system created to operate during peak commuting hours, providing workers an option to use public transportation. The South Fork Commuter Connection runs Monday through Friday year around, except for major holiday and summer Fridays. SFCC stops in Speonk, Westhampton, Hampton Bays, Southampton, Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Amagansett, and Montauk.

The cost of the LIRR is ONLY $4.25 each way, including the train ride and shuttle services. This is a two-part ticket, one part will be collected by the train conductor and the second part of the ticket goes to shuttle bus driver prior to boarding.

South Fork Commuter Connection Benefits


The LIRR is a safe mode of transportation. Currently, trains are considered safer than cars or buses.

Forger cramped car travel, traveling by train gives passengers the ability to move freely and use the bathroom in the cabin.

For only $4.25 each way The South Fork Commuter Connection is a steal. It’s also more efficient than driving a car since trains travel at a faster speed with no traffic

Environmentally Friendly
When you use mass transportation such as trains it makes a positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Leisure Time
Trains are a great time to enjoy some personal time such as reading a book or a magazine, listening to music or watching a film, napping, or checking important emails.


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