She Leads Media Conference Tips & Takeaways


She Leads Media Conference for Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders, educated attendees about social media, finance, pitching, and provided worthwhile networking opportunities. Here are some important takeaways from the She Lead Media Conference that will help you be top on your game in your industry.

Legal & Finance

Did you know that 70 percent of the nation’s wealth will be controlled by women by 2030? Since capital creates change, speakers at the She Leads Media Conference educated women on how to be smart and savvy with their money and protect themselves from a legal fallout.

Shelia DiGaspar and Susan J. Onuma, from Ingram LLP, gave attendees advice on their tricky legal questions and told them where they can seek the solutions and services they need. For example, content licensing models and NDA’s are great documents to protect your ideas and avoid bigger problems down the line.

Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors, Lauren Kemp and Sharon Cunningham, stressed the importance of diversification and avoiding exposure to any one risk or asset. They also educated the audience about HER Way, a cross-platform community of women dedicated to helping one another achieve our personal and financial goals. HER Way educates and empowers women to achieve financial success.

Social Media

Social media is a vital tool to stay competitive in the business world, it’s also a great way to actively engage with customers, promote new products or services, and build brand loyalty. Stephanie Cartin, co-founder of Socialfly, a full-service a social media marketing agency, highlighted the importance of having a digital strategy. Cartin educated the audience about the different social media platforms and their roles. Bonnie Fuller, Editor of, told women entering their second chapter  to “be ready or be left behind.” Fuller saw the decline of print media and started a digital destination for women. This well-known editor from Marie Claire, Glamour and US Weekly, even worked for free to get digital experience before launching her brand.


A good pitch in business is vital for securing funding from investors, showcasing opportunities, and gaining media coverage. Pitching in front of a group of investors might give some people anxiety. Since pitching is a powerful selling tool crucial for growth and success, entrepreneurs got an opportunity to practice their pitch and receive helpful feedback from an esteemed panel of journalists and PR experts. Good eye contact, speaking at a steady pace, and including the who, what, where, when, and why are three easy ways to sharpen your pitch.


Good networking skills can help you expand your list of professional contacts, give you a competitive edge and further your career development. She Leads Media Conference provided opportunities to speak with attendees, ask the panel of speakers insightful questions, and learn professional networking tips. Kelly Hoey, author of Build Your Dream Network, reminded the audience that it’s hard to ask for help from someone if you don’t help other people. Know who you’re trying to network with and tell them what you can do to help.  Know what your “big ask” is and find a sponsor who can help set you up with success. Paisley Demby, Business Director of Goldman Sachs 10KSB, encouraged women to be brave and make five networking calls a day. Even if you get rejections, you should still be able to get some solid pieces of advice.

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