Shark Week Safety Tips


It seems everyone is afraid of being bit by shark after the Shark Attack in Fire Island. In reality, it rarely happens. On average, four to six people are killed by a shark per year in the world. Still, it’s wise to make sure you are safe in the water this summer. Here are some Shark Week Safety Tips to keep you safe in the water this summer.

Don’t Choose Shiny Swim Suits
When you are choosing your bathing suit, don’t choose something shiny, like sequin or metallic bathing suits. Even though it might look good on the runway and on celebrities, in the water, it attracts fish and sharks. Choose something matte colored and low key. Avoid bright and warm colors like yellow, orange and red.

Stay Away from Dark Waters
Don’t swim in a dark and deep area where it’s hard to see. These areas have lots of food for fish meaning there’s also food for sharks. Don’t swim near injured fish or animals, the sensitive snouts of sharks can detect blood very easily. Avoid fishing areas, steep drop-offs off the shore, where there are lots of fish. When you swim, stay close to shore where the sharks are less likely to be.

Stay Out of the Water if you’re Injured
If you are hurt, injured, or if blood has entered the water, don’t go swimming. Don’t splash erratically or allow others into those areas; this attracts sharks and makes them think it’s time to eat.

Know Sharks Swim Time

Pick your swim time carefully. Early mornings, late evenings and nighttime are sharks swim time. They often come closer to the shore around these times to hunt for fish to eat.

Buddy Up

When you go swimming, be sure to take someone with you. Remember the buddy system! Be sure to use the buddy system when swimming in the ocean and always keep in contact with your friend so you both can stay safe.


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