Wine and Popcorn Pairings for the Scandal Series Finale


Gladiators, if you’re planning a night in to watch the Scandal season finale, here are the best popcorn and Long Island wine pairings that would even get the Olivia Pope seal of approval. Be sure to pour plenty of wine, this political thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

On the Island-Coconut Oil & Sea Salt with Sauvignon Blanc

This popcorn pairing pays homage to season 4 when Jake and Olivia went to a secluded island, 100 miles off the coast of Zanzibar. Instead of buttered popcorn, use coconut oil and sea salt for an island flair. Raphael’s 2017 Sauvignon Blanc has beautiful floral notes with hints of citrus and lime that pairs perfectly with this light and healthy popcorn.

You Can’t Take Command- Dark Chocolate and Shiraz

Papa Pope made it clear to Jake Ballard that he can’t take command. Command is a dark and powerful force, so this popcorn pairing of dark chocolate and 2012 Suhru Shiraz. Melt bittersweet chocolate chips and pour over lightly salted popcorn. The Suhru Shiraz smooth tannins and rich red fruits will stand up well to the dark chocolate.

Drunk Mellie & Smelly Mellie-Cheddar and Rosé

In season 4 of Scandal, Mellie Grant was a mother in mourning. She dealt with the death of her son by drinking and neglecting her personal hygiene. This pairing of rosé with stinky cheddar cheese popcorn is sure to help you deal with the loss of your favorite show, Scandal. To make homemade cheddar seasoning for your popcorn, grate ¼ cup of cheddar cheese with 6 tablespoons of butter. For extra flavor punch, you can add a pinch of dried yellow mustard. Pair the popcorn with Wölffer Estate Vineyard’s Summer in a Bottle Rosé 2017 for the perfect balance of flavors.

All Roads Lead to Fitz– Chipotle and Pinot Noir

Some of the hottest moments of Scandal are the on again off again romance between Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant. This pairing of chipotle popcorn and Pinot Noir is sure to bring the heat. Mix butter with chipotle seasoning and toss with popcorn. Try it with a pinot noir to cut the butter taste and provide a counterpoint to the spicy chipotle. The Borghese Vineyard 2015 Pinot Noir Reserve is tart, clean and perfectly pairs with the popcorn.

White Hat’s Back On- White Chocolate and Moscato

Fans are rooting for Olivia to put her white hat back on and fight for justice during the Scandal season finale. To make this white hat inspired popcorn, pop the popcorn and season lightly with sea salt. Then drizzle ½ cup of melted white chocolate chips over the popcorn.  Pair with fruity Moscato, like Laurel Lake Vineyards Sparkling Moscato or a dessert wine to enhance the sweetness of the white chocolate.



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