A Sweet Tribute to Sayville’s Favorite Baker: Kurt Fritzsche


This year Sayville lost a beloved member of their community, Kurt Fritzsche, the owner of Fritzsche’s Bakery. Kurt Frtizsche passed away at the age of 89 in May 2018 from natural causes.

George B, Fritzsche opened up a French Bakery in Sayville on 56 South Main Street in 1926 and later moved to 56 Main Street in 1966. George’s son, Kurt Fritzsche attended a trade school in Manhattan for baking and helped run the family business. He met his future wife Diana, who worked behind the counter at the bakery and they raised six beautiful children.

Frtizsche was known for his great work ethic as well as his delicious baked goods. He worked 7 days a week from 5:30 am until 6 pm until he was 88 years old. Fritzsche was a funny, kind soul who loved chatting with customers, assisting fellow business in town and giving out free cookies to children who entered the bakery. He was known for making delicious crullers, chocolate loaf cake, hard rolls, jelly doughnuts, butter squares, pastries and more. Frtizsche’s Bakery served the Sayville community for over three generations and is truly missed.

(Photo Credit: Stacey Gunnard)


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