Reasons to Shop Local Instead of Amazon Prime


For 36 hours, Amazon is slashing prices for Amazon Prime Day. However, this promotion affects small businesses in the community. Mom-and-pop stores are already struggling to compete with Amazon and other e-commerce retailers. However, shopping local has its benefits. Below are some reasons to shop local instead of Amazon.

Benefits the Community

If you shop locally, the tax revenue benefits the entire community. This helps circulate the money spent back into the community, benefitting public services. By shopping locally you indirectly help these community organizations including schools, libraries, fire and police departments. Local small business owners usually follow “the good neighbor policy” and give back to schools, events and teams in the community. This helps boost the local economy and even create jobs.

Unique Selection

Small shops tend to have more of a unique selection and product diversity than big-box stores. Small boutique shops carry rare, one-of-a-kind or locally made goods. Some specialty items might even be less expensive in-store than they would be if they were ordered offline.

Better Customer Service

Local stores also give you a sense of community, they look to build relationships not just make a quick transaction. Have you ever walked into a local business and they know you by name? Now that’s service! It is always nice to be recognized and receive valuable assistance.

Test Out Items

When you shop in-store you can see, touch and try out merchandise before you buy it. Know exactly what you’re buying instead of being disappointed when it comes in the mail.

Don’t Have to Wait

If you want it now, why wait? When you shop mom-and-pop you can take home your item that you purchased immediately instead of waiting for it to come in the mail. Why delay gratification when you can get what you want right away.


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