Oyster Bay Brewing Crafts a Peach of a Beer


Oyster Bay Brewing is crafting the third beer in the Local to Locals series. “We do everything we can to support local businesses. I think it’s important to assist businesses that provide jobs for people who live locally,” said Gabriel Haim, President of Oyster Bay Brewing.

If you enjoy sweet, juicy peaches during the summer then you will love the Oyster Bay Peach Wheat Beer. “It’s a standard wheat beer that we added peach puree to, to give it aromatics and very light peach flavor,” said Haim. This beer is only 5.2 abv making it the perfect summer beer. “It’s an easy to drink light beer that’s crushable on a hot day.” said Haim.

Oyster Bay Brewing is also working on the next collaboration for Local to Locals with all 7 breweries involved (Barrier Brewing Co., Spider Bite Beer Co., Sand City Brewing Co., Great South Bay Brewery, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, Destination Unknown Beer Company, and Oyster Bay Brewing Company.) Even though the style of beer is TBD, it will definitely be a Fall Seasonal that is sure to please.

Follow Local to Locals for more information on the next beer in the series and Oyster Bay Brewing for new releases and events at the brewery.


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