Nitrospace Ice Cream is Out of this World


Nitrospace is a family run business in Huntington, NY started by The Block Family that makes dairy-free vegan ice cream. They make their ice cream using liquid nitrogen to give it a smoother and creamier texture. “We want to provide a unique and fun experience for people of all ages,” said Sawyer Block, co-owner of Nitro Space.

The liquid base is flash freezed at -321 degrees, giving it a smooth and fresh taste. The ice cream is made with a coconut oil base and fresh ingredients are added to each order including fresh fruit puree and cocoa powder.

A variety of topping are locally sourced from American Classics including Kit Kat bars, Oreos, chocolate covered espresso beans, mini peanut butter cups, mini marshmallows, cookie dough bites, chocolate covered pretzel bites, rainbow/chocolate sprinkles, rainbow Nerds, Fruity Pebbles, M&M’s, gummy bears. Dessert sauces include chocolate, caramel, and raspberry.

The homemade ice cream cones are sourced from The Konery in Brooklyn and are 100 percent vegan. Some of their flavors include cinnamon brown sugar, green tea matcha, midnight French vanilla, pink French vanilla, toasted coconut, and dark chocolate.

There are 6 signature cups 6 where each flavor is matched with a flavored cone that goes on top of the ice cream like a hat.
“Lunar Campfire”
Vanilla Ice Cream, Nutella and Biscoff Cookies mixed in, with a giant torched marshmallow on top and a Dark Chocolate Cone.
“Little Green Man”
Green tea matcha ice cream with Kit Kat bars mixed in, topped with a matcha cone.
“The Compound”
Vanilla ice cream, Oreo’s Mixed in, topped with a midnight French vanilla cone.
 “Purple People Eater”
Blueberry ice cream, blueberry pop-tart mixed in, cotton candy swirl on top with a pink French vanilla cone
“Space Monkey”
Banana ice cream, peanut butter and Snickers mixed in, chocolate sauce on top with a dark chocolate cone.
“Coffee Capacitor”
Coffee ice cream, chocolate covered espresso beans mixed in, topped with a cinnamon brown sugar cone.

Visit Nitrospace at 22 Clinton Ave, Huntington, NY 11743


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