Celebrate National Hot Dog Month at Charlie’s Legendary Hot Dogs


Charlie’s Legendary Onions has been a family-owned and operated since 1963. Charles Summa, a disabled WWII Veteran, was searching for a way to provide for his family. Charlie and his wife Rosemary opened a hot dog stand in Brentwood. Over 50 years later, Famous Charlie’s is still considered the best hot dog truck on Long Island.

Today, Charlie’s daughter, Jeanne Summa-Becvar, serves up Charlie’s Legendary Hot Dogs in Islip Terrace at 16 Lowell Ave in honor of her dad. Long Island locals flock from all over with their friends and family to share fun food memories. No dirty water dogs on this All-American cart, this mobile kitchen is immaculately clean, another reason customers keep coming back.

Ketchup, mustard and relish are the classic hot dog toppings, but then there is the big debate: onions vs. sauerkraut. However, at Charlie’s, all the regulars get both, a hot dog with onions and kraut. After you taste Charlie’s Legendary Onions, you’ll want to put them on everything. These onions not only great for hot dogs, they are also good on kielbasa, burgers and crostini. You can buy a jar off the truck, online or at Pat’s Marketplace, Kitchen Kabaret, Nook & Cranny and Shoprite in Deer Park.

July is National Hot Dog Month. Enjoy Charlie’s Legendary Hot Dogs $6 Daily Special which includes 2 hot dogs with toppings, soda and a bag of chips. The truck is open Tuesday- Saturday from 10:30am to 5pm. If you’re craving a street dog, except nothing but the best, Charlie’s Legendary Hot Dogs.


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