My Father’s Place: Launching the Next Generation of Talent


My Father’s Place, a music venue in Roslyn, NY that first opened in 1971, is reopening inside the newly renovated Roslyn Hotel. The founder of My Father’s Place, Michael Epstein, also known as “Eppy,” decided to come out of retirement. “I’m disgusted with the state of the art of music industry. There are no records, there is no radio, but that doesn’t mean we need to live in a world where if we don’t fix it we’ll be listening to campfire songs singing we’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes,” said Epstein.

The Ramones at My Father’s Place (Photo Credit: Steve Rosenfield)

Between 1971- 1987, My Father’s Place was the venue to go to for the best underground rock, punk and new wave acts including Billy Joel, The Ramones, Blondie, Roger McGuinn (founding member of the Byrds), Rick Derringer (The McCoys), B.B. King, Linda Ronstadt, etc. WLIR, one of the most influential alternative rock stations at the time, broadcasted live concerts from My Father’s Place in hopes of making the alt-rock genre mainstream. Epstein also helped launch comedians including Andy Kaufman, Eddie Murphy, Billy Crystal, and George Carlin to fame.

George Carlin and Michael “EPPY” Epstein at My Father’s Place (Photo Credit: Steve Rosenfield)

Epstein’s early passion for music began when he first saw rock and roll star Ricky Nelson on TV, it inspired him to learn guitar, start a band, and help young artists get their start. His goal is to help shape future stars by developing underground bands and acts. Newer bands and opening acts will not be asked to sell tickets or buy onto tours in order to play at My Father’s Place. “If an act doesn’t sell 200 seats, it’s my fault not the bands. Blaming the bands is just bullshit,” said Epstein.

Often struggling bands have to play gig after gig for no money, while album sales continue to plummet. “A band has to do whatever, beg, borrow, steal to stay together and get their music out. That’s why we are going to be there to help them,” said Epstein.

My Father’s Place will be a venue for original rock, blues and reggae music as well as stand-up comedy. “There is no reason why you can’t put a young band on first and give someone a chance. Otherwise we are going to have a no new memories of songs that brought us to a certain place in our medulla oblongata because there won’t be any new songs, just old songs that will fade away, it’s a big problem, that’s why I came back,” said Epstein.

You will not see any cover bands or tribute bands playing at My Father’s Place, just original music. “Sixty percent of all the artists playing in concert venues are tribute bands and to me that’s a marketing perversion. My Father’s Place is always about developing new talent, we didn’t have cover bands, we didn’t have tribute bands, if you had a band and wanted to play I’d allow you to play, I’d even let you do a token cover, but it was not about putting on a wig and makeup and pretending you’re someone else, there is too much of that,” said Epstein.

My Father’s Place is not looking to compete with other local venues. “I didn’t open this place to piss off the people at The Space, Westbury Music Fair, Jones Beach or The Paramount. We’re a fish in the pond and we got to play nice with the other fish,” said Epstein. Even though My Father’s Place will be predominantly booking up-and-coming acts, original and other well-known acts will be taking the stage as well. Bands will line up to play on My Father’s Place $120,000 PA system, which will be best sound system in the country.

Billy Joel at My Father’s Place (Photo Credit: Steve Rosenfield)

“With our equipment you’re going to hear each individual voice and instrument so it will come out at your individually not just one big wall of sound. This is how records are made. You’re going to go in and hear everything and no matter where you are sitting in the room, this is a quad system you’ll be able to enjoy this sound, this is what’s going to make it special. That’s what’s going to make all the superstars say I want to play on that sound system,” said Epstein.

My Father’s Place will be an intimate supper club that seats only 198 people. This venue is not is meant for college kids who are looking to jump up and down in the pit, while spilling cheap beer on the floor, rather it’s for the mature music lover who appreciates quality sound, tapas and craft cocktails.

My Father’s Place is where the Long Island Iced Tea was originally invented. Once they reopen, they will be unveiling a new specialty craft cocktail, the Long Island Iced Coffee. They will also have fresh squeezed juice, kombucha and other healthy fare on the menu. This venue is located on the bottom floor of the Roslyn Hotel and resembles an old speakeasy from the 20s or 30s, currently a hot trend in the bar scene.

If you want to score tickets for shows at My Father’s Place, join the Friends of My Father’s Place Club. An introductory membership is only $50, and lets you purchase tickets before they go on sale to the public. A membership also provides access to special member-only-events, pre-show meet and greets, discounts on select shows, sneak peek behind the scenes, and much more.

My Father’s Place officially reopens on Friday, June 29, 2018 with Buster Poindexter, aka David Johansen. Join Eppy’s Army and enjoy the newest way to experience great music, right here on Long Island.


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