Meditate, Manifest, & Mimosas


If you’re looking to make plans for Cinco de Mayo, and want a change up from the usual tacos and margaritas, head to Space 226 for the Christina Amdor’s “Manifest that Shit” workshop.

What is the inspiration behind ” Manifest that Shit”?
Amador: This idea came to me in a dream. I have used the law of attraction for over 15 years now after reading and watching the movie The Secret . Manifesting which means making the unseen seen, making possibilities happen, making your dreams come true, has brought me so much hope in my life. I used to think that living in fear and worry, anxiety and depression was just how life is supposed to be. When I learned about what manifesting really is, it made me realize that we can create the life that we want, that we really can make any dream we desire come true. And once I learned it, I tried it and have manifested some truly remarkable things into my life and now I get to share those secrets.
Are you certified in meditation or yoga?
Amador: Yes, I’m certified in both.
What are some of the activities/elements of the “Manifest that Shit” workshop?
Amador: We begin with a meditation, then the attendees answer some soul searching questions in their workbooks, make beautiful vision boards, use visualization tools, all the while drinking mimosas , having fun, and coming together with an amazing group of high vibe souls.
Is this an all ages event?
Amador: 21 and over since there’s mimosas served
What does the event include?
Amador: Attendees will walk away with many goodies, including journals, pencils, champagne flutes, crystals, crystal lip glosses, mimosas and their own vision board.

Buy tickets here and save $50 off with the code 50off. Remember “we can create the life that we want and can make any dream we desire come true,” said Amador.


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