Local Beauty Bags from Breakups to Makeup


Local business owner, Angelique Velez is the CEO and founder of Breakups to Makeup, a collection of makeup clutches with sassy sayings. Velez turned her pain into purpose after a difficult breakup and created Breakups to Makeup.

” Applying makeup on others and helping them feel better about themselves inevitably started to make me feel better about myself as well.  As a makeup artist I already knew the power of makeup, but I felt like so many outside of our industry didn’t.  For us, it’s not “just” a lipstick or mascara, but a form of art, our creative outlet.  I wanted a way to spread this message and it’s power, hence the birth of Breakups to Makeup,” said Velez. Her goal is to uplift and educate others about the power of makeup and make everyone feel as beautiful on the inside as they already look on the outside. 

Some of her newest styles include the luxe LOLA Collection made of vegan leather. The foldover clutch in this collection, has a small magnet to keep the bag closed so your makeup won’t fall out. Since clear bags are trending for festival season, the clear clutch makes it easy to see the items you’re carrying and is perfect for traveling. Breakups to Makeup’s hottest seller is a vegan leather bag that says “I Would Cry But My Mascara Is Designer.” This bag is also wipeable making it easy to clean up any makeup that might spill.

Breakups to Makeup can be found online and also participate in various events and pop ups across Long Island. Follow Breakups to Makeup on Facebook and Instagram to see where their next event is.


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