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The Ladygang is a brutally honest and hilarious podcast featuring Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin, and Jac Vanek. The E! Network recently picked up this series and its being transformed it into a TV based show. The Lady Gang kicked off Her Conference as keynote speakers, where they provides life experience and tips for college-aged women.

The Lady Gang expressed, women are often judged on how they look, who they marry and how amazing their weddings are. However, no one stays 20 and cute forever so it’s important to know there is more to life than how you look.

The Lady Gang stated women often get grouped into two categories: hardcore feminist or you’re dumb and like the bachelor. However, there are plenty of smart women who love fashion and reality TV so they are trying to crush those harsh stereotypes.

The Lady Gang empowered themselves and are trying to empower other women. Their podcast first started as a side hustle that made $0, but now turned it into their own TV show on E! where they’re the hosts and the producers.

The Lady Gang encouraged hardworking college women in the audience to be the source of their own success and know that girl power is writing your own checks. Don’t be afraid to be the source of your own success and to go for what you want.

The Ladygang

Here are some important tips from the Lady Gang that can turn your dreams a reality.


Before you select a name for your podcast, blog or other creative venture, be sure to meet with a trademark lawyer to avoid any lawsuits or changing the name that you selected in the future.

Positive Thinking

We all have bad days, but don’t let that bring you down. Acknowledge when you have a bad day and know it will pass. Let go of negative feelings and don’t let them get in the way of your work.


Until you get a no, keep asking for what you want. Be prepared for rejections and keep going through those rejections until you get the yes that you desire.

Speak Up

Women are often afraid to speak up for what they want. Go after things that you deserve and know its okay to speak up for what you want. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel you are not worthy of what you want.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Enjoy what life has to offer, especially if you work hard. Make sure you make time for you and whatever brings you joy.

Pave the Way

Pave the way for other women and give women the opportunities that they deserve. Remember more women entrepreneurs and bosses can create more seats at the table for each other.


Remember to make time to disconnect from technology and to connect with yourself. Read before bedtime, plan a wellness week or even play with puppies. Unplugging will help you recharge, de-stress and let you live in the moment.


Remember to learn from your experiences and try to make better mistakes every day. Learn from things that haven’t worked and try to make better choices moving forward.


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