Ralph Macchio & Billy Zabka meet Karate Kid Fans at Steiner Sports


Karate Kid film actors, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, signed autographs for fans at Steiner Sports Store in Roosevelt Field Mall. In May, the YouTube Red series, Cobra Kai, a continuation of the Karate Kid movies that picks up 34 years later, debuted season 1. Cobra Kai is filled with 80s nostalgia for old fans and introduces new cast members that a younger generation can look up to.

In the Cobra Kai series, the audience gets to see Johnny Lawrence’s side of the story, which changes the entire perception of the original film series. In Cobra Kai, the director portrays Daniel LaRusso as successful but arrogant car salesman who lost his way after Mr. Miyagi died and Johnny Lawrence as a victim of circumstance fighting for a comeback while mentoring underdog students who are being tormented in school.

Fans young and old lined up to meet their favorite Karate Kid rivals. Macchio and Zabka were full of smiles as they signed posters, shirts and even an iconic Daniel-San headband! Zabka even admitted “This is the first one of these I ever signed!”

Even though Macchio and Zabka aren’t true karate masters, they are inspiring a new generation to go out to learn karate and self-defense. One family waiting on line even said they were going this weekend to sign up their son at Kempo Martial Arts Dojo for lessons.

Be sure to follow Cobra Kai to find out when Season 2 will return as well as Steiner Sports for more upcoming sport and celebrity meet and greet opportunities.


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