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Water Bar in West Hempstead, NY offers 5 times filtered molecular hydrogen or alkaline water. Benefits of molecular hydrogen are endless. Since it’s a small molecule, it penetrates right into cells to reduce inflammation. Drinking alkaline water has many benefits, it’s higher ph helps balance out the acidic food and drinks we ingest daily.

Drinking out of plastic bottles are bad for a variety of reasons. There are over 24,000 chemicals in a plastic water bottle. Some of those chemicals disrupt our hormones and endocrine system, not to mention plastic is bad for the environment. You can safely reuse glass but plastic starts breaks down into water after 78 degrees, while glass won’t break down till it’s over 2,000 degrees.
At Water Bar, water runs through a machine to infuse water with molecular hydrogen or alkalinity. Molecular hydrogen water is live water that penetrates into cells to detox and hydrate. Hydrogen molecules bond with free radicals in the body to bring back the life of your cells. Benefits include it delivers nutrients throughout the body, releases excess body fat and stored toxins, improves sleep, reduces chronic inflammation, and improves skin health.
Other services at Water Bar include a three step detox to purge the body of toxins we’re exposed to daily as well as infrared saunas, whole body vibration therapy, and ionic foot baths. Water Bar also sells health products and supplements including ph greens and reds, apple cider vinegar, raw cacao, organic liquid vitamins and there’s a great backyard to sip, relax, and unwind.

Head to Water Bar to detox, hydrate, and live your best life.


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