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During the summer, kids looks forward to sweet treats from the ice cream man. If you were a child during the 90s, you were probably obsessed with Flintstones Push-Ups. Recently, several trends from the 90s made a major comeback including fashion, music, and pop culture. Buzz Pop Cocktails crafted adult Push-Pops filled with authentic Italian sorbets made with all-natural fruits and one full shot of top-shelf liquor, reminiscent of the childhood frozen treat. These push-pops are crafted by chefs with the best quality ingredients, making them a boozy and bougie high-end treat.

Frozen cocktails are summer staples including piña coladas, mudslides, and margaritas, however these drinks can range between 650-850 calories, wreaking havoc on your waistline. Buzz Pop Cocktails come in a variety of flavors and are organic, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and are only 100 calories, making them figure friendly so you can maintain your beach body this summer. By indulging in a treat that is low in sugar and made with high quality top-shelf alcohol, you’ll avoid raging hangovers due to the trace alcohols and excess sugar.

Some of current flavors from Buzz Pop Cocktails include Mango Passion-Fruit (sweet mangos, slightly tart passion fruit, hint of lemon, juicy pomegranate seeds, and rum) Blueberry Mojo Sorbet (wild blueberries, juicy pomegranates, and tequila,) Moscow Mule Sorbet (spicy ginger, squeezed limes, pinch of brown sugar, and vodka), Caribbean Breeze (fresh pineapple, juicy oranges and white rum), and Southern Belle Sorbet (sweet tea, fresh peaches, fresh lemon, and bourbon.) The newest flavor is Chocolate Raspberry Sorbet made with decadent dark Belgium chocolate, hint of fresh raspberries, and bourbon.
Buzz Pop Cocktails are only available at high-end rooftop bars, day clubs, and events. Luckily, they are making their New York debut this May at Tropix on the Mile in Freeport and Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge located at the Moxy NYC Times Square. Don’t miss the soft opening at Magic Hour on May 10th and the hard opening on May 24th. Buzz Pops will also be making their way to Tropix on the Mile, just in time for Memorial Day weekend! Head to these chic summer hot spots to lounge, soak in some sun, and lick your way to paradise with Buzz Pop Cocktails.

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