Game-Changing Cocktail Trends at Crop & Kettle


The Long Island Marriot, located alongside NYCB Live, home of Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, got a marvelous makeover. The lobby was updated with modern furniture and fixtures and a greenery wall to provide a serene and peaceful sanctuary. The dining experience also got an upgrade. Bury your memories of Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant and get ready to experience local cuisine made with the best farm to table ingredients and signature handcrafted cocktails at Crop & Kettle.

Crop & Kettle is changing the cocktail game on the Long Island by making their own bitters, tinctures and syrups, something you don’t typically see from a chain or corporate establishment. Below are some craft cocktails from Crop & Kettle that will warm your heart and soul when the temperatures begin to drop.

Red Moon Over LI

If you’re heading to the crypts of the coliseum for terrifying thrills and chills at Blood Manor, be sure to stop by Crop & Kettle to try their Red Moon Over LI cocktail made with Chianti red wine, blackberry simple syrup and Rye Whiskey, poured over a spherical ice cube. You’ll be howling at the moon after this tasty blood-red cocktail.

Rum Punch for Two

Rum Punch for two is made with cider from Riverhead Cider House, oranges, and berry hibiscus, then it’s cold steeped in a French press coffee maker. Next, three ounces of Angostura Caribbean Rum that is aged for 7 years and gingerade is added. The hue of the rum punch and its flavor profile changes over time the more it’s pressed, giving it a deeper color and bright notes of citrus and hibiscus.

Plan a date night to drink and dine at Crop & Kettle and enjoy Rum Punch sharable for two for just $20.

Hot Toddy

A Hot Toddy is the ultimate winter warmer for bone-chilling winter nights. At Crop & Kettle, the Hot Toddy is made with local bourbon from Rough Rider Straight Bourbon Whiskey, lemons, oranges, honey and a special blend of tea with star anise, cloves and cinnamon, warmed in a coffee siphon. The liquid in the bottom chamber of the coffee siphon is forced up into the upper chamber when it’s heated, causing the Hot Toddy to infuse citrus and seasonal spice. Banish the winter blues and warm up by the Long Island Marriot fireplace with a Crop & Kettle Hot Toddy.

Smoked Hemp Cocktail

Crop & Kettle won 2nd place for their Smoked Hemp Cocktail, Purple Haze at the 2018 NY Cocktail Expo. Hemp cocktails are currently a big trend on the West Coast, but Crop & Kettle are ahead of the curve, crafting up cocktails using unique ingredients and game-changing gadgets here on Long Island. The lavender simple syrup gives this cocktail a regal pantone hue that’s also pleasant on the palate.

If you’re heading to a game, family event or concert at Nassau Coliseum, going on a shopping spree at Roosevelt Field or planning a trip the museum, Crop & Kettle is a the ideal spot for fans and foodies to drink and dine.



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