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The Craft in Focus Festival features workshops, demonstrations, and master classes in different forms of craftsmanship including eco-dying, calligraffiti, airbrushing, woodcarving, and suminagashi. Learn about the different workshops below and get crafty!

HAWAR Textile Institute is having an Eco-Print Your Own Scarf Workshop at Craft in Focus New York. The eco-printing process consists of extracting color from leaves, flowers, and twigs to make an imprint on fabric, producing floral designs in natural colors. All the materials used to make the prints are found locally, making it an eco-friendly and conscious method to color fabric.
Daan Wille is a graphic designer from Amsterdam with a passion for calligraffiti. Wille works from paper to digital to do calligraphy and finds positive ways for brands to stand out. Learn how to make your own piece of art with your name written on it from this famous graffiti artist who’s worked with Lenzman for Metalheadz, as well as DJs, producers, and tattoo shops.
Marissa Oosterlee is a Dutch airbrush expert who specializes in photorealistic paintings. ‘It’s about coming as close to nature’s beauty as possible, but often with a twist to tell my own stories as realistically as I can. Even if they could not possibly happen, I try to make it look as if they’d really happen, and draw the audience into my story,” said Oosterlee. Learn airbrush techniques from this incredible artist at Oosterlee’s Craft in Focus workshops.
Deborah Mills is doing a woodcarving demo at Craft in Focus where students will learn about the basic tools for woodcarving and how to use them. One of Mill’s works, a museum copy the men’s smoking room on the RMS Mauretania from a passenger ship, is currently displayed at the South Street Seaport Museum. Mills even carved dolls of Scout and Jem for the Broadway show To Kill A Mockingbird. ‘”I learn so much each time I’m lucky enough to copy an old and beautiful carving. There are goose bump moments when you notice something on the original artifact that makes you feel you can almost see the person who left the mark,” said Mills.
The Textile Arts Center is teaching suminagashi, a Japanese marbling technique at Craft in Focus. This process involves floating ink onto water using brushes, then blowing or using tools to swirl the ink around. This marbling technique can be use on paper, fabric, and even wood. The Textile Arts center will teach the fundamental tools and materials so you can create a beautiful piece of art.

Craft in Focus is May 18, 19 & 20th in Industry City, Brooklyn. To purchase tickets click here.


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