Chill-N-Go with High Key Wine


Capri Sun was a favorite childhood on-the go drink staple. High Key Wine created a nostalgia-inducing boozy version by filling your favorite pouches with wine. The benefits of drinking wine in a pouch include it’s lightweight, discreet, there’s a liquid tight seal so there are no spills, and no glass restrictions. High Key Wine pouches are perfect for packing in the cooler, backpack or purse for the beach, sporting events, festivals and more.

Flavors include Sweet White (made with sweet and luscious ripe grapes), Semi Sweet Rosé (not too sweet, not too dry), and Dry Rosé (a crisp and light wine.) Semi-Sweet is their hottest seller and a total crowd pleaser.

The pouches are 12% alcohol and the Dry Rose’ has a little over 100 calories. High Key Wine makes all of their wine in-house using their own winemakers. All pouches ship at room temperature, all you have to do is place the pouches in the freezer for a couple of hours and you’ll have wine slushies ready to go!

Order High Key Wine pouches online at, they even offer free shipping by the case. Cheers!

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