Cards on Tap: The Crafty Game for Beer Lovers


With smartphones on the rise, people are interacting less and spending more time staring at their phones. Frustrated about phubbing and the lack of socialization, three friends from Long Island with a passion for card games, decided to create their own.

Daniel Sotelo, Matthew Kucklinca, and Terence Dorman met at Grasshopper Comics and bonded while playing cards and competing in tournaments across the country. Noticing how bar culture has changed, they decided to create a fun and easy drinking game that encourages socialization called Cards on Tap.
Cards On Tap is a social yet simple drinking game with no rulebook required. The Cards On Tap deck contains 200 unique cards with two different ways to play, “Something Basic” and “Last Beer Standing.” If you want to drink without worrying about winners and losers, shuffle up the deck and play the “Something Basic” version. If you’re looking to get tipsy, play “Last Beer Standing” where the most coherent drinker wins.
When drawing cards, players will be asked to choose between two options, share embarrassing photos and/or stories, list different categories, play interactive games, and of course drink! The beauty of this game is you can keep the fun going as long as you want.
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How to Play “Something Basic Version”

1) Choose a player to go first.

2) Draw the top card of the deck when it’s your turn and read it aloud to all players and everyone does what it says.

3) Keep drinking and playing for as long as you want.

How to Play “Last Beer Standing”

1) Place the top nine cards of the deck face down on the table in three rows of three.

2) Choose a player to go first.

3) Flip over any two cards of your choice on your turn.

4) Pick one of the two cards, if the two cards have the same number of barrel symbols on the bottom of the card.

5) Read the card aloud to all players and do what it says.

6) Place both cards in the discard pile and replace them with two new face down cards from the deck.

7) The next player goes.

8) Flip over two cards, if they do not have the same number of barrel symbols, flip them back down and drink.

9) Next player goes.

10) Last person with an unfinished drink wins. If you finish your drink, then you are out of the game.

Pre-order Cards on Tap and receive it by November, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Cards on Tap makes the perfect stocking stuffer for any craft beer lover or gamer on your list and it’s sure to bring any holiday party or gathering to life.


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