Beyond the Fluffy World Tour comes to The Paramount


Comedian and actor Gabriel Iglesias (aka Fluffy), came to The Paramount in Huntington for the Beyond the Fluffy World Tour. Iglesias performed two special all ages shows of his new material, just for Father’s Day.

Before Iglesias hit the stage, Alfred Robles, Fluffy’s friend and stand-up comedian, opened the show. In the spirit of Father’s Day, Robles poked fun that his dad was absent from his life and his mom would make him lie and say his dad is okay and at work when people asked. “Only white people say my Dad is my best friend. Mexicans never say that shit,” said Robles. Other banter included about how Starbucks employees make racist comments including “Do you want white foam on top or do you want it brown and basic like you,” joked Robles. Being Mexican, Robles talked about building the wall, “Cats are like Mexicans no matter how high your build the wall they’ll get over it,” said Robles. But the highlight of Robles set was when he shared how his hands shaked when he was a kid and his white friend said he was a superhero and embodied superpowers. He shared a story of how he hit a kid who was picking on him and the boy started foaming from the mouth because he had a seizure, but Robles attributed it to his radioactive superpowers.
Next, Gabriel Iglesias hit the stage at The Paramount with his brand new set. Fluffy trekked in from New York City to Huntington, “Even the GPS was like good luck,” said Iglesias. Fluffy talked about his two dogs Vinny and Risa and how they love him unconditionally since they know the risk of sleeping next to him and getting crushed. When Iglesias goes to Starbucks, they ask him if his chihuahuas are service dogs and if they’re legal.  “Are you going to ask a Mexican if his dogs are legal? Yes they’re more legal than Alfred,” said Iglesias. When Fluffy goes to Starbucks his dogs always get a puppuccino, cup filled with whip cream. Fluffy even makes his dogs watch the SPCA commercials that play the sad Sarah Mclachlan song “Angel” so his dogs know how lucky they really are.
Gabriel Iglesias opened up to the audience and announced that him and his wife are getting divorced. Fluffy told the audience one thing that put a strain on his relationship was the fact he has sleep apnea and it’s hard to be spontaneous and intimate when you have to wear a CPAP mask and sound like Darth Vader from Star Wars. The audience cracked up when Fluffy used his character voices and mouth-made sound affects to tell his story. “I thought it was a family show? That’s how families were made,” said Iglesias.
Fluffy talked about his first time exploring wine county in Napa Valley. “I held the wine cup like a rapper,” said Iglesias and he even brought a solo cup! “I’m still ghetto,” said Fluffy.

Iglesias considers himself a normal guy, he shops by himself at Costco, goes to Starbucks, and even uses the public bathrooms in venues. Fluffy considers himself a friendly yet reactive person and warns fans to never point in his face or bother him when he’s using the bathroom. ” In the stall leave me alone, I just want to go poo poo,” said Fluffy.
Iglesias raved about working for Netflix since they allow him creative freedom. “Netflix approaches you with the confidence of a pimp. Get in the car little Fluffy hoe,” said Iglesias. On June 21st,  Fluffy’s debut series ‘Mr. Iglesias’ premiers on Netflix. Before Fluffy became a comedian, he was a offered a full scholarship to become a teacher since he knew how to capture an audience. Iglesias gets to live out an alternate reality by playing an English teacher on ‘Mr. Iglesias.’

Be sure to check out Fluffy’s new series ‘Mr. Iglesias’ and the upcoming calendar at The Paramount for more great comedy shows.


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