Benefits of Spin Art


Spin Art is a kid-friendly art activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. If you’re looking to find a spark of creativity within yourself, or are searching for another new and inspiring avenue of artistic exploration, spin art is fun and easy to learn for anyone, of any age.

Critical Thinking

Spin art is a mix of planned and unplanned art. Certain techniques including color blocking, rain drops and rings that can help you achieve a desired look for your painting. The centrifugal force of the spin art machine draws the paint outwards on the canvas. This helps create a sense of surprise during the creation process. Artists are encourages to stop and view the canvas after each spin to determine their next step in the creative process.

It’s important to know color theory so you can become a master at mixing colors. Primary Colors (red, yellow and blue), cannot be mixed by any other colors, but can form a combination of colors when mixed together. Secondary hues are created by mixing two primary colors, for example blue and red make purple. It’s also a good idea to use complementary colors, when side by side, the hues will appear brighter. If the colors in your painting are looking a little muddy, use some white paint to brighten things up. Black and white are great shades to tint or tone your masterpiece.

Encourages Creativity

After you know how to craft your colors and have the basic spin art techniques down, let your imagination go wild. Your art work is only limited by your choice of colors, speed of the spin, and your creativity. Choose color combinations that are appealing to you and work on your piece until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Sharpens Motor Skills

Did you know that spin art sharpens gross motor skills? Squeezing paint bottles while maneuvering them strengthens hand muscles and sharpens motor skills through eye-hand coordination. It also takes practice and focus to master spin techniques for pouring and applying paint.

Improves Focus
Creating art can help you in many other ways, including focusing. When working on your spin art, you’re concentrating on the colors, the spinning, and the patterns that begin to form before you. It’s a time for you to focus on your art and block out everything else from your day.

De-Stress (Emotional Release)
Spin art is a creative outlet that provides enjoyment and stress relief. While preparing and creating your work of art, you’ll tune out the stress in your life. You’ll release any emotional stress you have built up throughout your day through your creations without even realizing it. It’s the perfect way to express how you feel through your art.

Creating art together is a way to share a powerful bond and connect, making it an ideal spot for date night, a play date with friends or a family outing. Casa de Spin in Massapequa, NY is Long Island’s #1 spin art venue. They offer paint and sip nights, birthday parties, and other public and private events. If you’re looking for a fun indoor activity for the colder months ahead, be sure to check out Casa de Spin’s workshop calendar.


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