Benefits of Shopping at Your Local Farmers Market


With long summer days and warm evenings around the corner, farmers markets are popping up in nearly every community across Long Island. Here are some of the benefits of shopping at your local farmers market.

Seasonal Selection

Farmers markets are ripe with a myriad of seasonal produce picked and sold at their peak of ripeness. Not only do seasonal fruits and vegetables taste better, but nutritionists believe that these foods are better for the body because they are consumed at the height of nutritional effectiveness.

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Fresher Food

Farmers markets are able to boast the freshest food possible, since the lengthy transport and storage of produce are eliminated. This produce also offers peak nutritional value because it is picked at its ripest stage of growth. Fresh food also sports the most vivid colors and textures, making the produce more tempting to eat. The variety of different fruits and vegetables offered at farmers markets is unmatched by chain grocery stores.

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Safer for Consumers and the Environment

Locally grown produce is less likely to come into contact with dangerous parasites and bacteria. Large industrial farms are more likely to be guilty of spreading dangerous food-borne illnesses such as e-coli. The farming practices of smaller growers also are more environmentally-friendly than those of corporate farms. Larger processing systems are more likely to use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, producing a negative effect on the environment. When produce is grown locally, the use of fossil fuels used in transport is also reduced.

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Less Expensive Options

Since the middleman is often eliminated in the farming and distribution process, goods bought from the farmers market are usually less expensive than items sold at a commercial grocery store. Due to strict regulatory guidelines governing the use of pesticides and herbicides in the organic market space, commercial growers are forced to adhere to stringent measures to attain an organic label. However, local growers are able to produce organic produce without having to jump through hoops to get that designation.

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Support Local Businesses

Most produce sold at the farmers markets are grown within 100 miles of the site. By shopping at farmers markets, you’re supporting local businesses in your community at the same time you are enjoying your freshly-picked goodies.

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Community Involvement

Shopping at a farmers market supports local businesses and builds a strong community. Farmers markets are fun for the whole family and are an ideal place to reach and connect with your neighbors in a positive environment.


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