Beers from GABF that Bring the Heat


GABF is the perfect place to discover and sample some the best beers in the USA. If you like spicy, hot or Mexican flavors, try these 4 beers from GABF that bring some sweet heat.

K2 Brothers Brewing

Rochester, NY

Jalapeño Cream Ale (7.5% abv)

Many people venture upstate during the fall months to enjoy leaf peeping, apple picking and other seasonal activities. If you’re planning a trip upstate, definitely stop at K2 Brothers Brewing. If you’re looking to spice up your beer selection, try the Jalapeño Cream Ale (7.5% abv.) Enjoy the mild heat from the jalapeños and smooth finish. Pair this beer with some tacos for the ultimate Taco Tuesday.

Kane Brewing

Ocean, NJ

Mexican Brunch (9.2%)

Nothing quite beats a brunch beer, especially if it’s made with local coffee! Kane Brewing’s Mexican Brunch beer is an Imperial Milk Porter made with Rook Coffee from NJ, maple syrup, cinnamon, cacao and chilies for a little kick. If you don’t want any heat in your beer, try Sunday Brunch made with cinnamon, maple syrup, cinnamon and Rook Coffee.

Dissent Craft Brewery

St. Petersburg, FL

Cucumber- Sour Jalapeño (4.9% abv)

Cucumber -Sour Jalapeño is a Sour Berliner Weisse style beer, with crisp refreshing cucumber and a hint of jalapeño. Since cucumbers are nature’s most hydrating vegetable, this beer will actually help you avoid a nasty hangover . Cheers to that!

Künstler Brewing

San Antonio, TX

Chamuco (7% abv)

Charmuco, Spanish term for the devil, is brewed with chocolate, vanilla cinnamon and three types of chili peppers for some heat. This beer will excite your tastes combining spice, sweet and heat.


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