Make Waves in Long Beach with Barrier Tees


Come summertime, everyone flocks to Long Beach to catch some rays on its white sandy beaches and go for a stroll on the boardwalk. If you want to show your Long Beach Long Island pride or if you’re looking to do some summer shopping, check out Barrier Tees.

Barrier Tees created funky, cool, classic t-shirts to represent unique city of Long Beach and show off their local pride. For those who have relocated, tees are a little slice of home to remind them of where they came from. Barrier also makes special beer koozies, perfect for holding summer brews.

Barrier Tees was created a few weeks before Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island in 2012. During that time, Barrier Tees donated money, time, and volunteered at the Rec Center and Re/Max. They held several GoFundMe campaigns for people who were in dire need, as well as other cities struck by natural disasters. “Paying it forward is how we roll,” said Kevin Matthews, owner of Barrier Tees.

“We feel Long Beach is the proudest community on the Island. There is a certain collective vibe here that is unlike other places. Neighbors won’t hesitate to help you out or meet you for a beer! Always remember bring your Barrier koozie,” said Matthews.”

Barrier Tees adds new designs and styles all the time to their website. They are also looking team up with local businesses and get their product on the shelf. Check us out at BARRIERTEES.COM or you can order directly on their Instagram or Facebook page.


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