Valentine’s Day Gifts You’ll Fall in Love With


If you have a Valentine, you probably feel pressured to find the right gift. It can be exciting yet stressful shopping for the perfect Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day gift for your gal pals or your significant other. Show your partner in crime and friends how much they mean to you with the fun and fabulous gifts or treat yourself to the items listed below.

Phone Case

Inspire your Galentine with a phone case from My Social Canvas. My Social Canvas is social-impact fashion technology products designed by girls, for girls. They work with the non-profit organization ‘Design the Life You Love’, to provide scholarship and design opportunities for women by producing and selling student designs to benefit non-profit partners. Here are some cases created by college students Tatiana, Melanie, and Nadia.


Make sure your footies stay toasty this Valentine’s Day with themed socks. Me Moi makes soft and luxurious bamboo socks that doesn’t allow bacteria to grow, this keeps feet dry and eliminates odour. They come in a wide range of styles and patterns making it a festive and functional gift.

Makeup Eraser

Not only do makeup remover wipes dry skin out during the winter, they are also costly and bad for the environment since they are made of non-biodegradable plastic fibers. Trade in your disposable wipes for the most sustainable makeup remover, the Makeup Eraser. The Makeup Eraser is reusable, machine washable, eco-friendly and will last between 3 and 5 years. The Makeup Eraser prints, Midnight kisses and Morning kisses, are fun and flirty patterns great for Valentine’s Day.

Hair Ties

By Lilla created a line of hair ties that can also be worn as a bracelet. This bracelet is the solution to every woman’s hair problem, you can look sophisticated and put together while keeping hairs tie easily accessible on your wrist.

You + Me hair ties from By Lilla make a great gift for you and your BFF this Valentine’s Day. Whether your friend or partner is the coco to your puffs, moon to your star or ketchup to your fries, there are a variety of cute pairs of hair ties to choose from.

Cinch It

The first rule of dressing well is making sure your clothes have a flattering fit. The Cinch It, enhances your current wardrobe by improving the shape, style and fit of your current wardrobe. Boxy, big, flowy, styles can be tailored to get the trim that you want. Save money on dress alterations and stop sticking yourself with the ultimate styling tool, the Cinch It.


Give your loved ones something soft and cuddly this Valentine’s Day. Squishables are great for kids and tweens but are loved by people of all ages. Consider a Squishable Comfort Food Chocolate Bar rather than the generic box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day.

Show your significant other you love them s’more with a soft plush and cuddleable S’mores Squishable pillow. If chocolate bars and s’mores aren’t your thing, select a sweet or savory Squishable from the comfort food series. Little ones will love also the Squishable uncover series where a 7 inch plush stuffed animal in sphere form can be removed from it’s costume to play, hug, or snuggle with. The unicorn trend is inescapable, making the Undercover Corgi Unicorn Squishable one of the most popular new toys.

Heart-shaped Pom Poms

Show your love this Valentine’s Day with cute & stylish finds from Chloe K New York. These fur heart-shaped Pom Poms look great added to your key chain or used as a bag charm. For more color varieties check out iscream for spring pastels including pale pink, turquoise, and  off white.


Love, Lisa showcased her collection at the Accessories Show at the Javits Center. Some of her red-hot pieces, perfect for Valentine’s include red heart charm bracelets and necklaces and Jayne’s Smokin Hot Arm Stack.

Be The Good is inspirational jewelry collection of handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings & rings. This makes great gifts for mom, friends, girlfriends. Shop the Have a Heart collection that gives back to charities that supports women, another way to share the love this Valentine’s Day.

Follow your Bliss or f.y.b jewelry, goal is to inspire woman to live passionately and to chase after their dreams. Each piece of jewelry has a special empowering message providing daily support and motivation. Treat the women in your life to a special bracelet this Valentine’s Day.


Give your little ones a cute heart-shaped backpack from Parkland’s Novelty Collection, Sweet Sixteen. Forget Me Not, a pink heart-shaped backpack with a flower prints and Be Mine, a red heart-shaped backpack with pink heart polka dots are cute prints, perfect for Valentine’s Day.


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