Rock-O-Ween at Stereo Garden


Looking celebrate the spookiest day of the year at a rock-fueled event? Kick off Halloween weekend at Rock-O-Ween at Stereo Garden for Tantric’s CD release show. Other bands playing include Wayland, Paralandra and Talia. Nicholas Costa, vocalist and guitarist for the rock band Talia from Paris, France gave Living Local the inside scoop about new music, Halloween costumes, upcoming shows and more.

If you could tour with any band who would it be?

Smile Empty Soul and Flaw again, the last run we did with them was awesome and we really like those guys.

What’s the inspiration behind your EP Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?

We could have stuck to our original sounds and done what’ve always done, stayed in France and play in front of the same audience, or come to America. But we took a leap and decided to record with Steve Albini and find a record label. We wanted a rawer sound that’s why we went to Steve Albini’s studio in Chicago. We didn’t want it to sound like the modern bands that have all the same guitar sound, drum samples, heavy modern, and compression.

Your band is influenced by 90s rock, since 90s nostalgia is currently trending, what is your favorite 90s trend that’s back?

I miss everything from the early/mid 90’s, the clothes, the bands, the attitude.

Will the band be dressing up for the Rock-O-Ween Show?

We’ll probably wear Halloween makeup rather than actual disguises cause it would be uncomfortable to wear a big mask that you can barely see or hear through while you’re playing, but we’ll definitely do something.

What’s your favorite part about Halloween?

It’s cool for us to be in America for Halloween because there’s parties and parades everywhere. In France it’s never that intense, you might see a few people dressed up, but that’s about it

Any new albums in the works? Music videos?

We’re starting to write the next album and we have a live record from our show at the Whisky a Gogo and we’re going to give them away to the people at our shows

Do you have any upcoming Shows after Rock-O-Ween?

We’re on tour with Tantric and Wayland and we’re playing around 20 shows all across the Midwest and East Coast including, Ohio, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, New York, and Virginia.

Don’t miss Rock- O- Ween Friday, October 26th at 5pm. To purchase tickets click here.




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