How to Join a Gym without Getting Ripped Off


There are essential things to consider before joining a gym. Avoid contract disputes, billing concerns and other mishaps with the helpful tips below.

Search for Reviews

Avoid slick sales tactics by reading customer reviews online before visiting a gym. Be careful, some user reviews are paid for by the gyms themselves. When in doubt, ask a trusted source, (your friends and family) for a good gym referral. They’re the ones who care about your well-being and will give you honest feedback.

Tour the Gym

Don’t rely on the photos you see on gym websites, they might not accurately portray what the gym really looks like. Allocate a few hours to visit the gym and see what the amenities actually look like.

Try Before You Buy

The best way you can decide whether the gym is really for you is to just try it out. Some gyms offer a complimentary free trial membership. This will give you time to decide whether the equipment in the gym is suitable for your needs.

Check the Trainers

Check to see that the personal trainers and fitness instructors are certified. These certifications may be doctored and fabricated, verify the authenticity of the records. Search a licensing organization’s website to validate credentials.

Know about Contract vs. Month to Month

Some gyms offer a monthly and a yearly contract. Clarify the details of the contract and ask for an explanation if it’s too vague.

Negotiate a Good Deal

Negotiate a better rate with the gym owner and you could leverage a lower yearly price. Read your gym agreement carefully before you sign and make sure all the information on your contract is valid.

Things to Consider before Signing up for a Membership


Find out if auto-renewal is part of your membership offer, sometimes there is a fee for that. See if the auto-renewal can easily be canceled and if you’d have to pay for it. Clarify the terms for cancelling a gym membership, to prevent any unpleasant surprises.


Find out up front what actions need to be taken, if the gym goes bankrupt or shuts down. Will they return your money? Will they refund the membership cost?


Even if you have health insurance, your insurance policy may not be able to cover you if an injury is not in accordance with the gym terms stipulated in the contract. Find out what actions should be taken in case you experience injury and cannot use the gym. Ask if there is an extra cost if you freeze or cancel your membership.

Rate Changes

Find out if a gym can increase prices while you’re under contract. You could get a rate increase next year without your consent, be sure to clarify this before signing up.

Don’t be mislead by a slick salesperson when you’re signing up for a new gym membership. Follow the helpful tips above to find a deal that fulfills all your financial and fitness needs.


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