How to Avoid Getting a Tick Bite


Tick Repellant

Tick repellant could be helpful when you’re out gardening or even sitting on the lawn. Although deer ticks are considered a woodland pest, you would be surprised at how often they are found in yards. A tick repellant spray may act as a deterrent while you’re enjoying the summer sunshine. Research the best sprays first before you buy one at your local drugstore.

Wear Protective Clothing

Wearing socks over your pants may look ridiculous, but it’s a great way to keep ticks off your skin if you’re out in the woods or walking in high grass. Also remember to wear lightweight clothing including long sleeves and pants. You can also treat your clothes with Permethrin to repel ticks. Once you return home, check your entire body for ticks, including small ones.

Check Yourself

During the summer, remember to check yourself, your kids and your pets constantly to make sure nobody has ticks on them. Ticks can easily hide in pet fur and on children, so check them thoroughly. Even if a tick hasn’t bitten anyone, they can be carried in on pant legs or in the fur of your dog or cat. Be careful not to bring ticks into the house.

Lyme disease is finally a preventable illness with a cure. Its telltale bullseye rash doesn’t happen for everyone, so keep an eye on any odd symptoms you may have during the summer months. Early discovery and prevention are the best weapons in the fight against Lyme disease. Even regular ticks are no fun to deal with, especially when they have been attached for a long time. Make sure ticks do not hitch a ride with anybody in your family. Having a healthy and happy summer is something everyone should be able to enjoy without worrying about getting a bite from a tick.


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