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NY Women’s & Children’s Club fashion showcases are comprised of six unique shows: Project Women’s, Accessory Circuit, Fame, MODA , Accessories the Show, and Children’s Club. This show featured the hottest designers and brands in women’s and children’s apparel and accessories. Below are the hottest trends to shop for from the NY Women’s & Children’s Club fashion showcases.

Round Bags

Rounds bags are great when you are carrying light. Unfortunately, these oddly shaped purses may only fit keys, cell phone, wallet and lip gloss. Street Level showcased their leather round bags in a variety of colors and Straw Studios displayed straw and woven rattan bags in a variety of shapes and styles. American & Beyond makes a beautiful rainbow striped round crossbody bag with colorful pom poms, made from pure cotton. You’ll definitely want to add a round bag to your travel capsule wardrobe this summer.

Matching Separates

One of the hottest trends at NY Women’s was matching two-piece outfits for kids, tweens, teens, and adults.

(Vintage Havana)(MIA New York)

(Dainty Girl Accessories) (Kinderkind Kids Apparel)

Whether it’s a matching sweatsuit from Vintage Havana, a sequin bomber jacket and jumper from MIA New York, a matching sweater and skirt from Dainty Girl, or a denim sweatshirt and jeans with pink fur trim from Kinderkind Kids Apparel, there were so many adorable matching separates at Children’s Club.

As for women, Skylar Rose had a matching multi-colored vertical striped crop top and shorts set, Hashtag had a spaghetti string crop top and high rise skirt in a black and white floral print, and Emory Park had white pants with a crop top embroidered with flowers. There are an endless amount of ways women can wear matching separates in 2019 throughout the spring and summer.

                             (Skylar Rose)


(Emory Park)

Slogans & Statements

(Hip Chik Couture)

                            (Blissfully Mine)

(Hi Gorgeous)

(Love Bubby)

Slogans and logomania continue to be popular in 2019. Several brands displayed apparel with strong and powerful messages painted, printed, embroidered or glitter inked on. Hip Chick Couture showed off their blazers with motivational sayings like “Own It” and “Be Bold” glitter inked on the back. Hi Gorgeous had more of a DIY approach with positive messages hand painted onto distressed jeans, jackets, and shirts. There was also fashionable logo apparel perfect for your mini me. Blissfully Mine has a white tutu dress with the words “More Issues Than Vogue” printed on it, paired with a denim jacket, perfect for springtime. Love Bubby, believes you’re never too young to make a statement. Their line of t-shirts contain feminist and political messaging for little changemakers with a big agenda.


(Mauritius Group)

(Luxe & Leather by Madonna & Co)

A leather jacket is a timeless trend that will never go out of style. Since a leather jacket is so versatile, it can be worn year-round to add a cool and edgy vibe to any outfit. The Mauritius Group had leather jackets that were butter soft in a variety of trending pastel colors for spring including orange, lavender, and light green. These are great paired with a summer dress with boots or strappy sandals. Luxe & Leather by Madonna & Co, curated a collection of the finest leather jackets with edgy embellishments including rhinestones, fringe, and fur for a unique touch.

Animal Print

The animal print trend has pounced over to 2019. Snakeskin, leopard, tiger, and zebra are eye-catching everyday prints that make a statement. Spring and summertime you’ll see more bright and colorful animal prints rather than ones found in nature. Hutch, a clothing company from NYC, showcased a variety of dresses in animal prints, perfect for warm weather months. Z & L Europe‘s animal print arrivals included a Lost in Sudan Maxi Dress, kimono, cover up and matching separates with gold embellishments. Muche & Muchette‘s new collection includes hot pants with animal print, a ferill leopard top, and a gatha kimono.

Denim Trends

(7 for All Mankind)

7 For All Mankind, a popular denim brand in the early 00’s was one of several fashion brands from the 90’s and 00’s making a major fashion comeback at the show. This year, higher-rise jeans with crop tops are trending. Distressed jeans continue to be popular but more designers have opted for more of a subtle approach.


Patchwork denim is also a hot trend for 2019. In fact, at NY Women’s you could even decorate your denim show tote bag with patches to show your personal style. Kinderkind, displayed an adorable denim jacket covered in music-inspired patches perfect for your little rockstar. Whether you want to DIY your own jacket or jeans or buy one already complete, all ages can embrace this fun trend.

Feathers & Fringe

Fringe and feathers are fun way to add embellishment to an outfit or accessory. Tasseled accessories, fringe leather and suede jackets and fringe-trimmed jeans are a great way to incorporate this trend. Joh Apparel‘s Alexander Tunic/Dress comes in a neutral ash color and is adorable with a hat and boots. The fringe details on the sleeves and side of the dress give it a wild west feel.

(Luxe & Leather by Madonna & Co)

(7 for All Mankind)

Finding feathers is nature’s way of sending messages from angels or a loved one who has passed on. Rock and Stone‘s feathers are found in Brooklyn and in the mountains of New York State, then are brass casted as a symbol of protection and freedom. This is a fun way to sport the feather and metallic trend at the same time.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are a playful pattern that can be easily incorporated into everyday looks. Add a colorful polka dot dress from Unique Vintage or light washed polka dot jeans into your spring and summer wardrobe, it’s a great pattern for making a statement.

(7 for All Mankind)

(Unique Vintage)


Vans slip-ons were designed in 1977, and were worn by skaters, punk rock, and ska lovers. Since teenage skaters colored the rubber midsole of their shoe with black pens or a sharpie for an instant DIY checkerboard look, Vans decided to print the pattern onto the canvas. Today, this checkered fashion has made its way into the mainstream market, even supermodels and celebrities like the Kardashians have been seen wearing checkerboard sneakers as part of their street style. While checkered Vans can cost $50 or more, checkered Blowfish sneakers are more affordable with a price point around $35 dollars. MIA New York showcased a clear checkerboard raincoat, a fashionable way kids can stay dry during rainy spring months.


(MIA New York)


If you’re looking to stand out this season, the camouflage trend is back! This print isn’t just for the military and hunters anymore, fashionistas are re-embracing the camo trend. Teen loungewear company, Katie J NYC makes a terry camo dress and romper, great for sunny days during the spring and summer.

(Katie J NYC)

All Eyes on You Jewelry

The third eye is believed to provide perception beyond ordinary sight, symbolizing a state of enlightenment. The third eye was seen in jewelry designs, painted on jackets and even on bags and other accessories at the show. Evil Eye Protection Jewelry is perfect for warding off bad vibes while accessorizing at the same time. Hi Gorgeous army jacket, with a sequined eye on the back, is a great way to have protection while being fashionable and fabulous. Love, Lisa also displayed her rose gold evil eye collection and a gunmetal evil eye bracelet.

(Evil Eye)

(Hi Gorgeous)

Faux Fur

Faux fur is one of winter’s hottest trends. Celebrities and fashion icons are sporting a socially conscious faux fur alternative. Joh Apparel makes a faux fur coat called the Stacy Jacket in black and blush, it’s made of 100 percent polyester and it’s soft and stylish. Bundle up this winter with a fabulous faux fur coat from Joh.

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