Darling Doughnuts for Grownups: Wine Infused Treats


Darling Doughnuts is an artisan doughnut pop-up shop from upstate New York that uses the finest and freshest local ingredients. Darling Doughnuts is making wine-infused doughnuts for an event called Savor the Sweetness Weekend at the Adirondack tasting room in Lake George.

Owner and baker, Natascha Pearl -Mansman sources her ingredients locally including eggs and dairy from Battenkill Creamery and Cabot Creamery. All glazes are made with real fruit. One of Mansman’s most popular doughnuts is the Galaxy Glazed, a celestial swirled vanilla ice cream flavored treat. To achieve the celestial swirl, Mansman uses food coloring from plants including spiruline, wheat grass, and beets.
Since several varieties of apples grow in upstate New York, the Apple Pie doughnut is also a local favorite. The Apple Pie doughnut is made with real apple glaze, topped with a pie crust ring, and an brown sugar oat crumble for texture and taste.
For the Southern Adirondack Wine & Food Festival,
Mansman is making two special wine-infused doughnuts. Strazzberry, a doughnut made with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries infused with Adirondack Winery’s Berry Breeze. The second doughnut is a spiked version of the Apple Pie doughnut made with Orchard Blossom NY wine. The wine will be incorporated to the glazes and pipped into doughnut fillings.
Plan a road trip to upstate New York and visit one of Darling Doughnuts 20 pop-up shops scheduled for this summer.

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