Beverage Brands to try at #NCBSHOW19


Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas showcases the latest trends that shape the way we drink and party. Bar, restaurant, and hospitality professionals flock from all over the US to learn and network with over 600+ exhibitors. Below are a list of the must-try liquor, wine, beer, and spirit brands for #NCBSHOW19.


AVID Cider Company

Avid Cider Company from Oregon, uses locally-sourced regional fruit in their ciders for the perfect mix of sweet, tart, and dry. Enjoy the fresh fruit flavor without all the added excess sugar.


808 Beverages

Music producer and DJ, Tommy D, named 808 Whiskey after Roland-TR808, an electronic drum machine. Tommy D said, “the 808 kick can touch your very soul.”  808 Beverage are also rolling out new types of waters and sports drinks. One of the fastest growing trends in the beverage industry is products containing CBD and cannabidiol. Actor Sylvester Stallone and Julio Jones, wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, invested in Hemp Hydrate, which claims to have all the benefits of a sports drink without the unneeded calories and sugar. Former NBA star Chris Webber is also testing out a CBD water called Vigorate in 711 stores this September.

Ambros Banana Whiskey

Ambros Banana Whiskey from Henderson, NV is made with 100% real fruit and no preservatives. Banana whiskey is a great way to convey an island feel without having to travel to a tropical climate. Enjoy the natural sweetness in a variety of cocktails.

Azeo Distillery

The Azeo Distillery from CA, created a line of spirits containing fruit including vodka from apples, vodka from grapes and brandy from apples. Enjoy the real fruit flavor in your favorite spirits.

Azunia Tequila

The quality of alcohol you drink matters. If you’re drinking bottom shelf liquor at open bar, it can result in a raging hangover due to the trace alcohols. Azunia Tequila from CA makes its tequila with 100% organic and sustainably farmed pure agave from Mexico. This clean craft tequila will elevate any margarita or tequila sunrise to the next level.

Black Infusions

Black Infusions makes Gold Apricot and Black Fig Vodka free of artificial sugars, flavors, or colors. They keep the vodka distilling process simple, using only natural ingredients for flavor. In 2017, Black Fig won a Double Gold Medal for the Best Flavored Vodka at San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Be sure to stop by and taste this award-wining vodka.

Heirloom Liqueurs

Heirloom Liqueurs crafts vibrant liqueurs with whole botanicals. Some of their flavors include Pineapple Amaro (with Queen Victoria pineapple and Jamaican Quassia bark), Creme de Flora (with marigold and chamomile flowers), Alchermes (made with cinnamon, cloves, rose water and vanilla beans) and Genepy (made with alpine botanicals, honey, and sunflowers.)


Diego is the global leader of beverage alcohol, producing over 200 brands around the world. Be sure to try the newest flavors from CÎROC, Captain Morgan and Smirnoff: Circo Summer Colada, Captain Morgan Loconut, and Smirnoff Seltzers. Circo Summer Colada and Captain Morgan Loconut incorporate tropical fruits including pineapple and coconut, perfect for poolside. Smirnoff Seltzers are also light, refreshing, and low in calories, great for bikini season.

Hakutsuru Sake of America

Did you know the demand for Sake is growing in America? Sayuri Nigori is a coarse-filtered sake using the best rice and rice koji brewed with water from Rokko. Not only is this bottle aesthetically appealing, but the sake is also sweet and aromatic.

Humboldt Distillery

Humboldt Distillery makes organic vodka, apple brandy, rum and spiced rum and Humboldt’s Finest. Each spirit is made in small batches and uses pristine water from the redwood forested in California. No glycerin, sweeteners, citric acid or other additives, just the best organic ingredients. Humboldt’s Finest is vodka infused with locally grown cannabis sativa and is already being coined one of the best under-the-radar vodkas.

kkAda Caramel Liqueur

Looking for a sweet way to end a meal? Try, kkAda Caramel liquor, made from exotic Indian spices and four curries or masalas. This caramel liqueur is great with hot nudges, added to cider beers, or with cinnamon or apple whiskey. It’s also non-dairy and gluten-free so you and indulge without the guilt.


Caldera Brewing

Caldera Brewing from OR is the first craft brewery on the West Coast to brew and can its own beer, initiating the canning revolution. They use the best quality ingredients in their beers, earning them gold medals in 2016 and 2017 at the North American Beer Awards for Ashland Amber. Be sure to stop by and taste some of their new and signature brews.

Elysian Brewing

Elysian Brewing in Seattle, WA was named three-time large Brewpub of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival. Even though Elysian Brewing is known for classic styles, flexibility and innovation, their claim to fame is  pumpkin beers. Every year Elysian has a Great Pumpkin Beer Festival showcasing their signature squash beers.


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