Aisha Dee’s Key to Body Positivity


Aisha Dee is an Australian actress and singer, known for playing Kat Edison, a social media director for Scarlet Magazine on the Freeform series The Bold Type. Dee shared insights and inspirational tips on how she stays body positive, especially in Hollywood during her keynote speech at Her Conference.

Be Grateful for the Things Your Body Does

Remember to treat your body with compassion, love and care. We often spend time harping on the negative rather than appreciating the little things. Embrace your own imperfections and be grateful for the things your body does for you. If your heart is beating and your lungs are breathing, be happy that you are alive and well.

Your Friends Are Your Teammates

Get rid of toxic people, who are in your life, their negative energy will only bring you down. Surround yourself with good people with positive energy. Remember a true friend always has your back and is honest with you.

Nobody is Perfect

No one is perfect, so stop being so hard on yourself! Spending time scrolling on photo based platforms leads to low self-esteem and looking at Photoshopped images promotes unrealistic ideals. Focus on your best assets and don’t compare yourself to others.

Let Loose

Do whatever brings you joy and make time for it in your busy schedule. Aisha likes to spend her free time playing the ukulele and dancing around. Allow yourself time to relax and rewind after a hectic week.

Start Journaling

Keep a diary and write down your thoughts and feelings. Journaling enables you to write down how you feel and reflect on your needs and desires. It can also show you how much you have changed and grown over time.


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