Warm Weather Winter Escapes


Winter can be brutally cold, sometimes all you need is a mini-vacation to a warm weather location. Here are some warm weather locations in the US to retreat to this winter that won’t break the bank.

Davenport, Florida

Davenport has warm weather and numerous tourist attractions. If you’re looking for fun activities to do with your family, visit the North East Regional Park. The Park is composed of 6 multi-use fields including a tennis court, basketball court, and racquetball courts. The average rental price for a 2 bedroom is about $700.

Edisto Island, South Carolina

Edisto an island in South Carolina, about an hour drive outside of Charleston. It combines a beach destination with a laid-back vibe which could be ideal for your family during winter. A two bedroom house could cost you around $800 a week during the winter period. There are several outdoor activities you can do on the island including a kayak rides to see dolphins.

Tempe, Arizona

You’ll never have to worry about the snow in Tempe, Arizona. You can get a rental for around $850 for a week. Tempe Center for the Arts is always displaying exhibitions. Experience finished rentals with lakeside views. Go out fishing with your family and take advantage of the warm temperatures for outdoor activities. The Phoenix Zoo is also a great place to see wildlife.

Punta Gorda, Florida

Two bedroom rentals go for around $900 a week on average in Punta Gorda, Florida. You can get a good beachside cottage during the winter period because it’s less crowded. The city is known for its historic streets and exclusive luxury shopping district. It’s near the Ponce De Leon Park which has a playground, beach, wildlife center, boat launch, and a mangrove boardwalk.

Port Isabel, Texas

Port Isabel was voted by Culture Trip as the “Most Beautiful Place to Visit in Texas”. Port Isabel, Texas is the closest you will get to a Mexican vacation without crossing the border. Port Isabel is located north of the Mexico-US border, you’ll get to experience the rich border culture that you wouldn’t find any way in the states. You can get a two-bedroom rental for around $900 a week. Port Isabel has the only lighthouse opened to the public in Texas where you can get a sweeping view of the town.

Mesa, Arizona

Mesa is not as expensive as Phoenix and it is also less noisy which makes for a good winter getaway. A two bedroom rental goes for $913 a week. Mesa has 50 public parks which is more than enough if you’re just touring the place. There are also two museums that provide the perfect opportunity to see dinosaur skeletons and archaeological findings at the Arizona Museum of Natural History. It’s also the perfect hiking and camping destination. The Usery Mountain Regional Park provides scenic wind caves and beautiful desert sceneries.

Pahoa, Hawaii

You can get an excellent 2 bedroom for $982 on average for a week in Pahoa, Hawaii. Experience your own piece of paradise in Pahoa even when it is winter. The Lava Tree State Monument is well kept and provides a relaxing experience.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

A two bedroom in Cocoa Beach will cost you about $1000 on average for a week but you can get it for less during the off-peak season. The Kennedy Space Center is a historical site for space exploration and learning. There is a planetarium allows you to explore the universe without leaving your seat. For interactive and educational learning, take your children to the Brevard Zoo where you’ll get to see crocodiles and other exotic animals.

Golden Isles, Georgia

Golden Isles is located between Jacksonville and Savannah, Florida. If you’re planning to propose, Golden Isles has a reputation for being the most romantic town in America. The town has talented local musicians who enjoy waterfront performances. The town has a 50-mile paved path for bike and you can ride with your kids without having to be constantly on the lookout for cars. You can also spend the day on the private island of Little St. Simons.

Cathedral City, California

If you’ve ever wanted to visit California, the winter season could be the perfect time to do so. With just about $1100, you can get a decent 2 bedroom house in Cathedral City. There is a nearby hot spring that will cure your winter blues. There are several parks, a cultural center, and golf courses. Cathedral City also has the Palm Spring Air Museum which is dedicated to showcasing World War II aircrafts and features.


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