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DIY Flower Crowns for Festival Season

Flower crowns are a fun and trendy accessory that can enhance any outfit. They’re the perfect addition to any festival-season outfits, and are fairly simple to make as a DIY project.

Crown Base

Use floral wire and bend it into the shape you want to make the base of the crown. Floral wire is great because it can easily bend into the perfect size. Floral tape can be used to secure the wire in the circular shape and since it’s green, it perfectly blends in with the flowers and leaves.

Crown Styles

There are a few different styles of crown that you can make. A full crown is made using a complete circle of floral wire, and these will stay on your head simply by being set there. You can also get a little creative and make a Grecian-style half crown. These can be harder to keep in place, so you can try adding earpieces to help keep it in place. This style of crown can also be kept in place by using bobby pins.

Real vs. Fake Flowers

Real flowers can have a beautiful appearance, but if you’re planning to wear the crown all day, the flowers will wilt. Silk flowers won’t wilt and you can wear your flower crown as many times you want and the flowers will still look beautiful.

Leaves and Greenery

Leaves and other greenery can be fun to mix in with the flowers. Greenery is a great way to fill in gaps between larger flowers without the crown and can mask the green floral wire and tape.

Flower Placement

Lay out your flowers ahead of time. Once you have everything arranged how you want it, attach it to the crown itself.

Assembling the Crown

Add the greenery first, once taped in place, add the flowers. Use flowers are with slightly longer stems, they are easier to tape to the crown. To make sure they stay in place, wrap the floral tape around the stem a few times. This will help keep them secure so they don’t come loose throughout the day. It’s better to have the stems too long than too short—any excess stems can be cut off.

Finishing Touches

Bring your flower crown to the next level. Fake flowers can be painted a wide array of colors. Glitter can also add the perfect amount of sparkle to a crown for a shimmering effect.

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Best Flowers to Plant for Spring


One of the most exciting parts of the end of winter is planting  flowers. To get a beautiful garden flourishing, you need to get started in spring. However, knowing what type of flowers to plant the beginning of spring can be confusing. Here are some flowers to get your green thumbs on, the moment the snow disappears.

Since pansies prefer the cool weather, they can be planted after the snow has cleared. However, if you get a few flecks of snow, pansies can survive. Pansies grow best under the sun or in partly shaded area, and prefer their soil to be moist and well-drained. These flowers can grow up to be 10 inches tall and provide a refreshing bout of color.

Yellow Trillium
Yellow trilliums have rich green leaves spotted with silver and bright yellow blooms.Yellow trilliums will in bloom in April, but die out in June. They also prefer shady conditions and well-drained, moist soil. These flowers can grow up to 16 inches tall.

Often called Lenten Rose or Christmas Rose, since these yellow flowers grow well in cool conditions. Hellebore’s are resilient, elegant and can even survive the frost in the winter. On average, they are expected to grow up to 12 inches tall.

Despite its garish name, bloodroots are actually quite innocent in appearance. They resemble daisies except they are white with little dots of yellow. They grow in March and their bloom lasts until the end of the spring. They grow in shaded areas and since springtime is not always sunny, they are perfect flowers for planting. Bloodrots prefer moist soil and can grow up to six inches tall.

Whether you wish to grow a shrub or a tree, your lilacs will grow provided they are given plenty of sunlight and drained soil. Keep in mind, blossoms prefer to bloom on old wood, so do not to prune the tree or shrub until after the blossoms have died off. With its sweet smell and beautiful color, lilacs are the perfect cure after a dark and dreary winter.

Tulips are one of the best flowers to plant in spring. The tulip comes in a plethora of colors to choose from and can grow up to two feet tall. For those who wish to have smaller tulips, there are several varieties available. With plenty of sunlight, these flowers are perfect for romantic settings or for highlighting a casual garden.

Grand Maitre Crocus
The beautiful, delicate purple flowers of the crocus heralds the end of winter and beginning of spring. Of course, there are other colors you can select from as well; including, pink, yellow, and white. In order to grow to a full six inches, the crocus requires full sunlight and well-drained soil.

Puschkinias comes in different colors and once its petals open, its striped coloration is revealed. They grow the best in sunlight and partly-shady areas and can grow up to eight inches tall and six inches wide.