Pre-College Arts Programs


No two students are the same, and that diversity is often reflected in the activities kids choose to participate in outside the classroom. Academic clubs, scholastic sports and arts programs are just a few of the many extracurricular activities available to students. Such offerings ensure students with various interests have access to school-based activities outside the classroom.

Arts programs cater to an array of students, from the musically inclined to those who love to paint to the next generation of movie stars. Parents and students may be surprised to learn there are a host of pre-college arts programs that can help students interested in the arts take their passion to the next level.

• Acting and Performance Summer Institute: This three-week online program hosted by the University of California, Los Angeles focuses on theater arts. The program encompasses performance training programs, movement-based techniques and a final showcase where students create their own content through the devised theater process. Participation in the program is by admission only. UCLA notes that the program is designed for students interested in participating in a university theater program when they attend college.

• ArcStart: ArcStart is a two-week pre-architecture program for rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors as well as rising college freshmen. The program is offered through the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan. ArcStart is designed to give students an opportunity to study various aspects of architecture. Students will learn to use specialized drawing, drafting and modeling tools while also exploring architectural history. Students also will enjoy a virtual visit to a thriving architecture firm and be tasked with creating original design proposals. Application is by admission only and there is no minimum GPA requirement to apply.

• Art as Experience: A three-week program offered by Cornell University, Art as Experience is designed to expand students’ understanding of the ideas and practices of art today. The three-week course is open to pre-college students and undergraduates and introduces a broad range of mediums to students. The course is open to all registrants and culminates in an exhibition where students will be responsible for the organization and installation of self-directed art work.

• College Audition Preparation: This program at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University Bloomington is designed for vocalists, brass and woodwind players, and composers entering grades 11 and 12. The program is ideal for students who are planning to apply for entrance to college music programs. Participants in the one-week program will work with real audition panel members who will help young vocalists and musicians master their auditioning skills.

Pre-college programs can be ideal for young artists who want to immerse themselves in the arts and hone their skills as they prepare to further their educations.


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