Pranayama Benefits at Zenscape Yoga & Arts Festival


The Zenscape Yoga & Arts Festival is a day to immerse yourself in health and wellness. With array of classes including yoga, music, arts, health, healing, knowledge, and empowerment, there is something for everyone. A variety of yoga classes are being offered at Zenscape Festival, but Pranayama Yoga is the most popular style of yoga that people are signing up for. Angela Williams-Jones, E-RYT, YACEP, a yoga instructor that teaches from NYC to the Hamptons, shared some insight and knowledge about pranayama yoga and its benefits.

About Zenscape
Zenscape is a festival that connects the local yoga communities in a natural and energizing setting at Long Island Sports Park. “It was truly the perfect connection to continue to fuel my desire for deeper community connection and give back to our world,” said Jones. Part of the proceeds raised at the Zenscape Festival will benefit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation, the most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world.

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About Pranayama
Did you know how you breathe has a powerful effect on how you feel? Prana is a life-giving force and the best way to increase prana is to master your breath. “This practice allows you to connect to your highest and best self, while giving you full access to your prana or life force energy while balancing out any imbalances in your mind, body, spirit and Chakras,” said Angela Williams-Jones.

Why it’s Popular
When asked why pranayama yoga is so popular?” Jones responded, “I find a deeper connection in this space where the healing, nurturing and empowering portions of yoga meet with the scientific and universal side of all practices. It resonates on a deeper level when you reach this space on your journey and I am thrilled to make this connection with so many people.”

Practicing Pranayama allows you to connect to your higher self and helps balance your mind, body and spirit. Pranayama also decreases stress, improves autonomic functions, relieves symptoms of asthma and assists with weight loss. Master the Pranayama breathing exercises and start to reap its benefits.

How it’s Different
Pranayama focuses on breathwork, mantras (syllables or words repeated frequently), mudras (symbolic or ritual gestures) and kyria’s (when blood is recharged with oxygen.)

Breathing Exercises for Beginners
Before attending Zenscape try some breathing exercises at home. Take a deep breath, count to ten, hold for ten seconds and release for ten seconds. This will cause you to feel immediately relaxed and focused.

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