Local to Locals


Local to Locals, is a movement that promotes products that are produced and sold by locally and independently owned manufacturers. This concept was founded by Andrew Preston. His mission is to create brand awareness for local products and form a community of small busineses that network and support each other.

The Local to Locals logo indicates that the product is manufactured, retailed or sold by local independent small businesses within the state. This movement bands together local independent stores and breweries.

Local to Locals

The first 7 breweries to collaborate and believe in the Local to Locals movement and concept include Barrier Brewing Co., Spider Bite Beer Co., Sand City Brewing Co., Great South Bay Brewery, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, Destination Unknown Beer Company, and Oyster Bay Brewing Company. The first Local to Locals beer collaboration is a New England Style Double IPA. This beer has an 8% abv and is juicy, hazy and bursting with citrus flavor. “That’s the sexy beer out there right now, the hottest beer on the market is a New England style IPA,” said Bobby Carlo from Barrier Brewing.Local to Locals

Local retailers across Long Island are supporting these local companies and the distribution for this intitiative “We’re excited to launch this in 50 plus retailers across Long Island, next week starting May 7th,” said Preston.

Local to Locals

Want to know where you can find the New England Style Double IPA or if you’re a local manufacturer or retailer who wants more information about Local to Locals go to www.localtolocals.com


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