Grilling Tips for 4th of July


Nothing quite says summer like BBQ. 4th of July is the ideal time to fire up the grill. Wow your guests with our helpful tips and techniques below.

Clean and Prep the Grill

Start by cleaning the grill. Preheat it for at least 15 minutes and scrape off any remainders from the last grilling session with a wire brush.

Oil the Grates

Apply olive oil to a paper towel or and coat the grates with tongs. Don’t use vegetable oil because it can catch on fire. Lubricating the grilling surface will give meat a nice sear and helps it caramelize.

Squish or no Squish

Pressing down on burgers causes the juices to run out. This is what makes burgers dry and unpleasant.

Pick a good cut

Ensure burgers will turn out juicy by understanding the different types of protein. Resist the urge to buy frozen patties, and make your own from fresh meat. Chicken burgers can be tricky because they have to be fully cooked. In order to keep them from becoming dry, use light oil and cook them on medium flame. For the best beef burgers, have your butcher prepare a blend of chuck, brisket and short loin.


Regardless of the type of meat you use, make sure to stick with 20 percent fat. Anything less makes for dry burgers, anything more causes the meat to shrink because too much fat will drip out. When making veggie burgers, use sweet or regular potatoes to bind them together. Season tofu, and rub the grates with light oil before you grill.

Don’t over flip

When you’re grilling burgers, always use a spatula to flip them. Only turn them over once. Don’t flip too soon because food will only release when it’s cooked on the bottom.

Hot dogs

Hot dogs need indirect heat to avoid charring. On a propane or gas grill, place them on the top shelf. Keep the dial on the grill at the lowest setting for hot dogs.

Don’t over check

Resist the urge to keep checking on your food because opening the lid constantly increases cooking time and can even lead to under-cooked food.

Let the Meat Rest

When removing your protein, let it rest for five to 10 minutes. This ensures that the meat fibers will release juices towards the center.


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